About Richard Muther & Associates

AboutRMAEstablished in 1956 by Richard Muther, our firm has achieved an international reputation as planners of profitable plants, warehouses, office and service facilities. Operating in the broad field of industrial management and engineering, we assist in all aspects of facilities planning and operations improvement. We deliver our expertise through leading edge consulting, training, and research.

Richard Muther & Associates is distinguished by its award-winning contributions to the field of industrial management. Our associates have authored 10 books, with translation into more than 20 language editions. We have written over 100 technical papers and more than a dozen chapters for handbooks and encyclopedias. Our associates have served as guest lecturers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, the National University of Singapore, The Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, and several other universities. Our public workshops have been presented in 20 countries. With over 15,000 graduates worldwide, our systematic planning methods are among the most popular and widely used techniques in the world.

Richard Muther & Associates operates as a division of High Performance Concepts, Inc.