The purposes of our certification program are:

  1. To ensure the quality of application and instruction of the methods in question.
  2. To maintain consistency of terminology and understanding.
  3. To provide better results by the person certified, for his or her company.

Certification also recognizes the practitioner’s achievement in mastering a valuable skill and depth of knowledge in the subject area. This recognition may be useful to the individual and to his or her employer when assigning leadership roles. For those seeking or holding the position of project manager, project leader, or program manager, certification will boost the confidence of those approving and supporting your plans.

Certification is a necessary first step to becoming an authorized trainer and licensing our manuals and materials for in-company use.

  • Systematic Layout Planning (SLP)
  • Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA)
  • Systematic Planning of Industrial Facilities (SPIF)
  • Systematic Planning of Manufacturing Cells (SPMC)

Certification consists of two parts:

Part I – Examination – involves a written test lasting two to three hours. The first half consists of true-false, fill-in-the-blanks, and multiple-choice questions about Systematic Layout Planning (SLP). The second half is spent working a small case problem to demonstrate mastery of SLP techniques. Exams are graded pass-fail.

Part II – Project Submission – consists of submitting to Richard Muther & Associates the documentation of an actual project performed using the specific methodology in question. Detailed instructions for preparing the documentation are provided on request. This submission is also graded pass-fail.

Each candidate must submit a unique project, signed as being his or her work. Team submissions are not allowed. However, a single project having the methodologies suitably integrated may be used for two or more certifications.

All text should be in the English language unless prior arrangements are made.

Those passing both parts receive a Certificate in the appropriate methodology. We charge a modest fee, payable in U.S. Dollars, for administering and grading each Part I Examination, and for processing the Part II Project Submission.