Material Handling Courses

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No. Topic # of Days
1-SHA Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA) 1
2-SHA Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA) 2
3-SHA Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA) 3
5-SHA Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA) 5
1-LPM Integrating Plant Layout and Material Handling Analysis 1
2-LPMH Integrating Plant Layout and Material Handling Analysis 2
3-LPMH Integrating Plant Layout and Material Handling Analysis 3
2-SSA Systematic Storage Analysis 2
1-SCP Systematic Container Planning (SCP) 3

About Our Material Handling Courses

Without handling, nothing happens! Material handling methods connect the layout’s operations into a functioning manufacturing system. Depending upon the nature of your facility, material-handling costs may range from 10% to 30% of total operating cost and may be higher still in pure distribution facilities. Yet most facilities cannot point to a material-handling plan. Their methods have simply evolved or been prescribed by equipment suppliers and consultants. Often, those assigned to the role of material handling engineer lack formal training in this field. In the absence of analysis, many adopt a “me to” approach based on what others are doing.


Our courses in material handling are based upon Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA), the most organized approach yet devised for the analysis and evaluation of material handling methods. Developed by Richard Muther and Knut Haganäs, and refined over more than 30 years of application, SHA is a companion to Systematic Layout Planning. It is also documented in text form and used by thousands of planners throughout the world.

Our workshops on the SHA method give equal attention to plant and warehouse situations. They provide essential training for those who must:

  • Replace, upgrade, or add material handling equipment
  • Change or evaluate alternative methods of moving materials
  • Rearrange for better material flow and throughput
  • Find cost reductions through better handling methods

Specialized courses are available in storage planning and container systems design. For those already trained in layout planning, or interested in both layout and material handling, we also offer workshops that integrate these two subjects using our companion methods of SLP and SHA.