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An Old Chinese Proverb…

“If you want a crop for one year, grow grain.
If you want a crop for ten years, grow a tree.
If you want a crop for one hundred years, grow people.”

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Our Unique Approach

RMA work courses are conducted in-plant and on-line through leading universities and industry associations. We use a “guided discovery” approach. Those attending always do something, not just listen or watch. Our courses have been presented in 20 countries and attended by more than 15,000 managers, engineers, and planners. Each course is based upon one or more systematic planning methods. These are derived from practical experience on more than 1000 projects. We capture this experience and deliver it to you in hands-on, case exercises and discussion. Each course is designed to walk you through a project, step-by-step, and successfully apply the methods being taught.

What You Can Expect

  • Instruction by a recognized authority and career professional in facilities planning and operations management.
  • Systematic, time-saving methods that will improve your life-long productivity and effectiveness.
  • Fast-paced learning, engineered to give you a new idea every eight minutes!
  • Dozens of working forms and practical techniques that you can put to immediate use.
  • Hands-on cases based on our 45 years of worldwide consulting experience.