Layout and Space Planning Courses

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No. Topic # of Days
1-SLP Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) 1
2-SLP Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) 2
3-SLP Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) 3
5-SLP Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) 5
2-LWDC How to Lay Out a Warehouse or Distribution Center 2
3-LWDC How to Lay Out a Warehouse or Distribution Center 3
1-OLP Office Space and Layout Planning 1
2-OLP Office Space and Layout Planning 2
1-WD Workplace Design 1

About Our Layout and Space Planning Courses

A sound facility layout is essential to effective performance. In most plants and warehouses, layout is the most important component of the facilities plan. Layout drives material handling cost and has a major impact on flow times. Layout also determines how flexible and adaptive the facility will be when responding to changes in product-mix and business mission.


Layout should not be left to expedience, or the uncoordinated by-products of continuous improvement (Kaizen) events. Such an approach is like playing “one-move chess”. You often regret your latest move shortly thereafter! Getting a good layout requires a comprehensive approach – one that examines multiple alternatives and considers all the factors involved.

Our courses in layout and space planning are based upon Systematic Layout Planning (SLP). Developed by Richard Muther, and refined over more than 40 years of application, SLP is recognized throughout the world as the most organized way to develop layout plans. SLP is documented in a variety of texts, videos, and handbooks, and has been translated into several languages.

Our workshops teach the SLP method and how to apply it on your current or next project. They provide essential training for those who must:

  • Add major new equipment or capacity
  • Accommodate new business activities or products
  • Rearrange for better material flow and throughput
  • Expand or consolidate facilities
  • Implement work cells and lean manufacturing
  • Implement new warehousing methods, processes and systems
  • Rearrange for teams or more effective office communications

While all courses teach the same SLP method, courses titled “Systematic Layout Planning” focus on manufacturing plant layout. These are ideal for plant managers, industrial and manufacturing engineers, front line supervisors and lead operators. Those interested in warehouse/distribution center layout or office space planning will find more value in our specialized courses on these topics.