Corporate Facilities and Real Estate

Services to Corporate Facilities and Real Estate

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Long-Range Planning and Facilities Strategy

To insure that corporate facilities support real estate and logistics strategies and business unit plans. Network and location analysis: number of sites, size, and focus or mission. Decision analysis: stay or move; open or close; modernize or build new; buy or lease; outsourcing. Long-range projections of space and capacity required.

Location and Site Selection

Providing confidential site search and evaluations of labor, transportation, real estate, environmental regulations, and taxes. Estimates of capital investment, manufacturing cost, and relocation expense. Relocation planning.

Expansion and New Site Planning

Master site planning. Material handling analysis. Layout planning. Building programming and guidance to the architectural design team. Short and long term space requirements, based upon forecasts, historical usage patterns, and projected changes in sourcing, inventory management, operating practices, product and process technology.

Office, Lab, and Tech Center Planning

Space estimates. Establishment of space and furniture standards. Layout studies for campus sites and multi-story buildings. Sizing and design concepts for new office, lab, and tech center buildings.