Distribution Facilities

Services to Distribution Facilities and Operations

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Logistical Planning

Supply chain and network analysis to ensure that warehouse and distribution facilities are properly located and assigned. Decision analysis: stay or move; open or close; number of locations, size and purpose.

Location and Site Selection

Confidential site search and evaluations of labor, transportation, real estate and taxes. Estimates of capital investment, operating cost, and relocation expense. Relocation planning.

Facilities and Layout Planning

Effective warehouse and distribution center layouts. Optimal handling patterns and storage plans. Short- and long-range sizing of individual areas: racks, shelving, automated systems, docks, staging, offices and support.

Warehouse Operations Improvement

To achieve the highest productivity in order picking, stock replenishment, packing, shipping, receiving, inspection, and administrative support. Detailed analysis of systems, procedures, and equipment. Reduction of picking errors and cycle times with manual and automated solutions.

Material Handling Analysis

Effective use of conventional and automated equipment. Assistance in evaluating and selecting all types of handling systems and equipment.

Inventory Control

Target inventory levels, safety stocks and replenishment quantities. Special techniques for low usage, hard-to-forecast items. Development of record accuracy and cycle counting programs. Physical inventory procedures.

Information Technology

Improved systems for data collection, activity management, and control. Guidance in warehouse automation. Assistance in evaluating and selecting suppliers of warehouse management and logistics execution systems.