Information Technology
  • A major airline was seeking a logistics information system for its 35 service parts locations. We prepared the specifications for this mission critical system, identified qualified bidders, and issued requests for proposals.
  • A global leader in pharmaceuticals needed a better system to track units on hold during lab test and then releasing them for order fulfillment once approved.  We helped to define and evaluate alternatives including methods of integration with enterprise and legacy systems.
  • For the world’s largest central bank, we helped plan the replacement of mission critical inventory management software.  We also conducted periodic reviews of automated material handling and storage systems.
  • A chemical company was seeking a new warehouse management system. We helped with specifications, request for proposals, and evaluation of leading software packages.
  • A world leader in industrial trucks wanted a state-of-the-art facility to showcase its own products. We established unique requirements for the warehouse management system. We then reviewed more than 20 software suppliers, narrowing the list to four primary bidders. The award-winning implementation was a cover story in leading trade journals.
  • A manufacturer of plastic beverage containers planned a new ERP system and bar coding in its 14 plants. We surveyed readiness and potential layout changes before implementation.
  • A leading pet food company needed better information systems in its distribution centers. We documented the tangible savings of better technology. We also helped consider the use of ERP in place of full-fledged warehouse management systems.