Inventory Control
  • For a rapidly growing retailer, we measured the impact of better merchandise and inventory management on the need for warehouse space and associated capital spending.
  • For a batch chemical manufacturer, we showed the inventory impact of mixing more often in smaller batches.
  • A publisher of educational media was experiencing unacceptable backorders and delayed revenue. The planned solution was to increase safety stocks across the board. We demonstrated that selective increases on a handful of items would drive backorders to negligible levels.
  • A supplier of semiconductors and automotive electronics was experiencing unacceptable stock-outs at its North American distribution center.  We facilitated root cause analysis and defined 21 improvement projects in forecasting, planning, scheduling and order fulfillment.  Scope included semiconductor fabrication, electronics assembly and third-party logistics in the US and Mexico.
  • For a leading pet food supplier, we performed a safety stock analysis to support target customer service levels in its distribution centers.
  • For the world’s largest central bank, we helped plan the replacement of mission critical inventory management software.
  • For a major airline, we helped to improve inventory accuracy prior to implementation of a new enterprise information system.  We also identified process improvements to sustain high levels of accuracy in the new system.
  • A distributor of educational materials was experiencing record accuracy problems and unexpected stock-outs. We helped with reorganized storage, better labeling, standard containers and counts, performance measurement, and focused responsibility for stock location and control.