Location and Site Selection
  • A west coast building products company needed a Midwest distribution center. We established location, site, and building requirements, then searched and selected their new site.
  • An importer of agricultural machinery from Europe needed a final assembly and distribution point to serve the United States.  We identified and evaluated potential sites from New Jersey to Texas.  Evaluation included labor, transportation, taxes and potential incentives.
  • A jewelry distributor needed a larger facility. We helped inspect and evaluate the suitability of available buildings.
  • A growing automobile parts distributor was offered an attractive price on a very large vacant plant. We evaluated its suitability for warehousing, modification costs, and impact on existing distribution facilities.
  • A building materials company was consolidating several regional sites to a major new facility. We helped plan phased relocations and shut downs until the new site was complete.
  • A maker of high tech medical devices was rapidly outgrowing its facilities. We determined space requirements for a new warehouse location, considering future production volumes and inventory management practices.
  • A greeting card company needed an additional distribution site to better serve its major markets.  We helped to specify requirements, find and evaluate sites in three states.