Logistical Planning
  • A chemical company was closing several plants while expanding and acquiring others. We provided master planning for raw and finished goods warehousing, including determination of space requirements, disposition of leased space, and number of warehouse locations.
  • A leading supplier of building materials was consolidating its distribution network from more than 30 regional warehouses to 8 large distribution centers. We surveyed regional facilities, advised on their disposition, and helped to calculate consolidated space requirements.
  • A growing retail distributor was running out of capacity at its single warehouse location. We used ratio-trend and projection to estimate 10-year space requirements. Then we developed various single and multi-site alternatives for fulfilling this client’s diverse product lines.
  • A leading appliance maker was running out of finished goods storage capacity. A new facility was being considered. We showed how to avoid this facility by changing production practices, improving inventory management, and changing the packaging on a popular model.
  • For a leading producer of home entertainment products, we determined the most cost effective configuration for future warehousing needs. Options included: co-locating with production; one vs. several separate sites; leasing vs. owning.