Manufacturing Plants and Operations

Services to Manufacturing Plants and Operations

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Manufacturing Plant Layout

Space estimates and optimal placement of activities, machinery and equipment. Evaluation of flow patterns: straight-through, U-shaped, L-shaped, comb or spine. Evaluation of conceptual factory arrangements: by product, by process, by fixed position, in manufacturing cells and production lines. Optimal storage groupings and zoning for warehouses and distribution centers.

Materials Handling Analysis

Visualization and analysis of movement patterns. Overall system design: direct and indirect moves; simple and complex equipment; sizing of transport unit loads and containers; line-feeding methods and work cell replenishment methods. Evaluation and selection of handling systems and equipment.

Inbound Logistics Systems

Engineering of just-in-time delivery systems from external suppliers to points of use in work cells and production lines. Planning for transportation, third-party logistics, and returnable container systems.

Lean & Cellular Manufacturing

Reducing cost and flow time with manufacturing cells. Coupling of multiple cells to achieve lean and continuous flow. Improvements and procedural changes in set-up, scheduling, supervision, housekeeping, maintenance, and cost accounting. Definition and planning of cells for fabrication, machining and assembly.

Workplace Methods & Design

Detailed methods planning for workplace handling and parts presentation. Identification of ergonomic problems and corrective solutions through better workplace layout and material handling equipment.

Quality & Yield Improvements

Identifying and removing root causes of scrap and rework. Evaluation of physical and procedural improvements.