Materials Handling Analysis
  • A chemicals manufacturer was shifting from steel drums to large returnable totes. We helped plan the necessary changes in every step of their process, from receiving, through washing, filling, warehousing, and shipping.
  • The same chemical plant needed to reduce material handling costs. We reviewed more than 30 potential improvements and showed ways to reduce handling costs by over 50%.
  • The largest steel-making site in North America was seeking major cost reductions. We analyzed every aspect of material handing on this 25 square-mile site, identifying millions of dollars in annual savings. This client also retained us to analyze and reduce cost at two other mills, and to validate multi-million-dollar investments in new handling technologies.
  • For one of the world’s largest minerals and mining companies, we established annual material handling costs and identified ways to reduce them. Our findings were the basis for a corporate program in material handing improvement.
  • For the largest plant of a leading automobile company, we helped to prepare a plan of material handling improvement. Scope included organization of the material handling function, in addition to methods of moving and storing containers and materials. We identified major opportunities to reduce the cost of line feeding and parts delivery.
  • For the overhaul base of a major airline, we helped to improve parts delivery to hangars and shops. For this same airline, we also helped with cargo operations.
  • At the world’s busiest airport, we measured and evaluated every aspect of service parts delivery, from stockrooms and warehouses to aircraft waiting at gates. We helped to reduce flight delays by shaving minutes and seconds from current delivery times.
  • The world’s leading maker of mobile phones was seeking better ways to supply its circuit board assembly lines with semiconductor components. We advised on the cost effectiveness of automated handling systems.
  • A leading truck manufacturer was introducing a next generation cab and sleeper made entirely of bonded composites. We advised on storage, staging, and handling of very large composite parts into a robotic assembly line.