Workplace Methods and Design
  • For an automotive components plant installing new work cells, we facilitated multiple planning teams and assisted in construction of workplace mock-ups. These were used to confirm work methods, establish time standards, and assure effective parts handling and ergonomics.
  • For a publisher and distributor of audio and video tapes, we redesigned the methods and workstations used for assembly and packaging. Result: Double the output per person.
  • The maker of a popular satellite dish needed lower costs and more output. We identified alternative assembly methods, including material handling, workplace layout, tooling, fixtures, and time standards.
  • A truck manufacturer needed to reengineer hundreds of assembly line stations and thousands of parts presentations. We developed a standard procedure for this purpose. The resulting containers and layouts saved hours of needless handling on every truck produced.
  • A distributor was scaling up its e-commerce and direct fulfillment operations. We helped to engineer a standard packaging station using modular components. Intensive employee involvement identified numerous ergonomic and time saving improvements.