Systematic Methods

Our consulting approach is one of “helping our clients to help themselves.”

We do this with our proven MAXiTsm methods. These are derived from many projects in a wide range of industries. Over the course of an assignment, clients master these methods for their own future use. Fully documented, complete with training and working forms, leading companies use MAXiTsm techniques as a standard part of their improvement planning.


A phased, step-by-step approach to the reengineering and improvement of business processes. Ideal for reengineering of cross-functional processes and managing complex change. In addition to workflow, MAXiTsm-BPR considers the people and organizations performing the work and their information systems. For manufacturing and logistical processes, MAXiTsm-BPR also addresses facilities and equipment.


A phased, step-by-step approach to the planning and implementation of information systems. Ideal for large-scale systems plans and the integration of multiple software applications. Universally applicable to any kind of business process and information system. MAXiTsm-ISI gives equal attention to process and system requirements, and assures that innovative practices and work methods are considered when investing in new information systems. MAXiTsm-ISI includes Quick-Select, a short-form fast-track approach to software package selection.

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